Capacity without the commitment

From storage and security, to anytime-anywhere accessibility, to unrestricted growth and capacity – cloud solutions from NUBiiS partners enable you to gain the computing capacities you need, delivered according to your SLA requirements, without the costs and commitment of an infrastructure investment.

NUBiiS partners ensure best-of-breed infrastructure and virtualization, whether you're looking for primary, backup, temporary, or permanent solutions.  Our agnostic approach allows NUBiiS to align all options that best suit your operations, IT strategies, demand, and mission-critical requirements so you can make an informed decision. We can balance your technology requirements with the cost-savings you’re looking for and still deliver scalability that allows you to be responsive to any situation with resources that include:


HIPAA Compliance in the cloud

 The HIPAA-compliant Cloud is designed to accommodate each customer's unique business and technical constraints. Unlike off-the-shelf cloud solutions, it can be tailored to meet customers' specific topology and service level needs so they in turn can meet the demanding requirements of their end users.

NUBiiS represents the best in HIPAA Compliant Cloud Providers.

HIPAA Compliance Features