Cloud Storage

Simplify data storage, management and access

Data may be a critical asset for most businesses, yet it doesn’t warrant the investment in infrastructure and human capital to manage and maintain the systems required to store it. NUBiiS Cloud Storage services enable you to offload the burden with confidence, knowing your SLAs for availability will be met.

Our partner network represents many of the leading names in the cloud today to ensure you have the performance, scalability and security you require, delivered in a solution that simplifies the process and wraps it up in a manageable, pay-as-you-go package. While you maintain control of your NUBiiS cloud storage solution, we remove the burden of administration, ensuring seamless support.

With NUBiiS cloud storage, you have the flexibility to deploy our resources as part of a permanent solution, as a backup to ensure business resilience, or on-demand in response to rapid growth or increased demand.