Enhanced Toll Free & Voice

Make the most of bandwidth and usage

From business-class basics to more dynamic routing and options, NUBiiS and its partners offer a full range of complex and enhanced services that enable businesses to make the best use of their resources and the latest technology. Available to businesses of any size or capacity, you’re able to match cost with capability and service.

• SIP Trunking and Long Distance –Let NUBiiS design a resilient local and long distance call plan by implementing the latest SIP technology.   Leverage your current investment in your data network to converge voice and data on a single, redundant network, allowing for greater flexibility between locations. NUBiiS solution providers offer you local dial tone and long-distance service for a predictable monthly fee, and you can even set routing protocols to make the most of your bandwidth according to call volume, data demands, and applications.

• Enhanced Toll Free/Call Center – Toll-free calling encourages communication between your customers and your company. NUBiiS service providers enable you to more effectively put it to use, with the ability to expand service as your business grows. In addition, we’re able to implement contact center voice solutions that ensure each call is routed to the right call center or individual based on skill sets and geographic coverage. You can even accommodate spikes in call volumes between centers or add interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities to enhance the caller experience.