·        Current state of federal regulations for protecting PHI and update on any new HIPAA Regulations and Penalties. *

·        Identify the best practices for securing and protecting PHI in a cloud computing environment.

·        Identify the requirements that HIPAA Compliant Service providers must be held to. **

·        Discuss how Viawest addresses these challenges with their KINECTed Health Cloud and BAA for colocation.

With increased healthcare regulations, comes increased risk and complexity for companies that maintain personal health information. Many healthcare providers are using cloud computing to expand data capacity, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve resiliency. But, the use of cloud computing comes with numerous privacy, security, and data management risks. With the evolving requirements of HIPAA and state laws, it is critical for healthcare providers to structure cloud computing agreements that ensure liability for data breaches and other events are properly shared between the provider and the supplier. Viawest’s KINECTEed Health Cloud is purpose-built for the heavily regulated healthcare and life sciences sectors, offering you an audit-ready Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution to meet your IT and compliance needs.