Why Mid-West Businesses are Moving to Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP

Cloud-based phone and unified communications

Hosted VoIP from NUBiiS gets to the heart of what you have a phone system for – to provide uninterrupted communications for your business. From large enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses, NUBiiS and its partners leverage the full advantages of the cloud to give you robust functionality and advanced features at a predictable monthly cost, without a large capital outlay or costly upgrades.

• Increased productivity – Hosted VoIP from NUBiiS partners removes the burden of system management and maintenance from internal resources, so you gain greater uptime and faster issue resolution, while allowing your people to focus on their primary responsibilities.

• Work from anywhere and business resilience – Hosted VoIP enables work to become an activity, not a destination.  Allow employees greater versatility to work when and wherever needed, with the ability to work from mobile phones and computer-based calling.  With Hosted VoIP, your communications go anywhere your people are, which means in the event of a disaster you can restore operations quickly. 

• Extend equipment life – NUBiiS can even help you utilize the latest VoIP solutions to address existing end-of-life Call Manager and other premise based systems by integrating with an updated Hosted Solution.  Whether you're looking to VoIP-enable a legacy PBX or add Hosted Call Center functionality to your existing telephony environment, NUBiiS has you covered. 

• Microsoft Lync Voice Enablement – Easily add enterprise voice, remote user enablement, and federation to Microsoft Lync environments to fully unleash Lync's capabilities as a Unified Communications tool.