MPLS, Private Line, Internet

Reliability, security and control

Even within one organization, there’s no single way to connect locations, transport data or support applications across the network. That’s the advantage of NUBiiS. Our extensive network of carriers and providers ensures you have the resources you need to implement a solution that addresses your business operations, processes, and strategies, while remaining flexible to changing demands, requirements, growth, usage and security.

With NUBiiS, you’re able to select from a range of options that includes: 

• MPLS (Multiple Protocol Label Switching) – Manage and prioritize voice and data traffic more effectively and efficiently, without sacrificing reliability and security. NUBiiS provides a full-range of options to handle all traffic types, from voice and data to video, allowing you to utilize virtually any circuit, router, speed, volume, or distance – all while saving you the investment in infrastructure.

• Private Line – For point-to-point, high-speed dedicated connectivity, NUBiiS ensures reliability and security with private line solutions. With multiple carrier and connectivity options, your business can meet performance levels for mission-critical voice and data applications at the speeds you need – domestically and internationally. 

• Dedicated Internet – Access the dedicated, high-speed Internet connectivity you need, without the need to make investments in equipment with NUBiiS. We work with the best range of carriers and providers to ensure you have the speed, redundancy, and bandwidth you need for data transfer, e-mail, Web-based applications and other business needs.